Destiny Surgery Center Achieves Ambulatory Health Care Certification

Destiny Surgery Center is announcing the certification of the outpatient and ambulatory surgery center by the AAAHC, or Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. This distinction means the accredited health care organization meets or exceeds nationally-recognized standards.

Additionally, AAAHC accreditation means the organization is committed to providing high quality health care, which is monitored in an on-going basis through:

  • On-going self-evaluations
  • Peer review and education to continuously improve and update care
  • On-site surveys by AAAHC surveyors

Read more about the AAAHC accreditation process.

DFW Bariatric Institute Applauds AAAHC Accreditation

The team at DFW Bariatric Institute has been instrumental in the launch and success of the Destiny Surgery Center as they provide high quality care to patients in need of specialty surgery in and around Frisco, TX.

What is the AAAHC?

The AAAHC mission: Improving Health Care Quality Through Accreditation. [1]

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care was founded in 1979 by six organizations:

  • American College Health Association
  • American Group Practice Association
  • Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association
  • Group Health Association of America
  • Medical Group Management Association
  • National Association of Community Health Centers

Today, the AAAHC has 18 member organizations to ensure they are fully representing the growing needs of patients while increasing the spectrum of specialties operating within ambulatory health care facilities across the U.S. New specialties range from dentistry to behavioral health to weight loss management and bariatric surgery.

Why is the AAAHC Certification Important?

The objectives that led to the creation of the AAAHC are designed to "Encourage and assist ambulatory health care organizations to provide the highest achievable level of care for recipients in the most efficient and economically sound manner. The AAAHC accomplishes this by the operation of a peer-based assessment, consultation, education and accreditation program." [1]

Ambulatory surgery centers vying for accreditation with the AAAHC undergo an extensive survey process, which includes a self-assessment period, followed by an on-site survey conducted by medical professionals actively involved in ambulatory health care.

Want to Learn More About the Importance of Accreditation with AAAHC?

We’re very proud of our accreditation with the AAAHC and would be happy to discuss the importance of this accreditation and the certification process.

Visit our contact page and let us know if you’d like someone from our staff to call you or send educational pamphlets on the AAAHC.

[1] AAAHC History